Monday, 7 February 2005

Rammstein - Manchester Arena


manchester MEN 6th february 2005

Saw Rammstein at Manchester Arena, wow what a show. Supported by Apocalyptica, a metal/classical string quartet and a drummer, playing classical versions of thrash classics, along with own compositions, giving a most apt support to what was going to be the highlight of a year that had only just begun, probably the most impressive gig I have witnessed for quite some time.

Rammstein fuse a solid driving beat, with techno splashes, over which twin guitarists play riffs that Black Sabbaths Tony Iommi would be proud of.

The stage set was like something out of Gigers imagination, flames erupt out of the stage at choreographed moments, even sometimes from the band members heads themselves. The band produce a stage show without speaking to the audience at any time, but participation from the crowd is compulsary, despite the fact Rammstein sing in their own language, German.

From start to finish, Rammstein gave a most polished performance, dedicated to providing their fans with a spectacle to remember, complete with a large cooking pot, inside which the keyboard player is roasted by the singer (dressed as a nightmarish chef) using a flame thrower from the other side of the stage. All this to a song about a cannibal who ate somebody who advertised themselves on the internet.

In all a memorable night, enjoyed by all and sundry.