Saturday, 21 July 2012

Pigwitch - Tockholesbury July 2012

A one day festival on the outskirts of Blackburn, at the Royal Arms Pub, Tockholes, simply called Tockholesbury.

Wasn't able to get there during the day, but got up there just as the sun was going down with Kieran to see a mutual friend play in his new band Pigwitch.

Very good they are too, very reminiscent of early 70's Deep Purple, Focus, with a bit of King Crimson.
Just a pity when they started to play the light was fading and due to unforseen circumstances a light rig was not available, but despite that they played their stuff, got the crowd moving, and everyone had a good time. Despite the swarms of midges.

Hopefully it will be repeated again next year, but maybe to run over the weekend, and not for just one day.

Pigwitch on Facebook