Thursday, 15 May 2008

Roger Waters - Liverpool Echo 15/5/08

Kieran surprised me the other day with an offer of a free ticket to go see Roger Waters live in Liverpool. Not one to pass up such an opportunity like that, I obviously said yes.

So on a sunny Thursday evening, off we did go to Liverpool. The waterfront looks really quite impressive now, plenty money spent, buildings clean, and new buildings erected. All of this is almost complete, but not yet.

Venue is a usual inner city multifunction hall, filled to capacity, all anticipating the evenings musical extravaganza.

Huge video projection dominates the rear of the stage and is put to good use throughout both sets. First half consists of old Pink Floyd classics, with a few Roger Waters tunes thrown in, it is his gig after all. Second half is Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirity, followed by more Pink Floyd classics. Everyone sings along at the appropriate time and some fool has his back to the stage all through the evening, and conducted the rest of the audience, why?

Music ends, lights up, throats sore, must drive home. Cheers Kieran, splendid gig.