Sunday, 28 August 2011

Construction Time

Finally got around to building my outside structure. It's kind of a wooden patio / decked / conservatory. Having two weeks off work, gave me ample time to get on with it. The English weather being what it is actually meant I would have a few hours of clear skies and little rain, in truth the first few days brought good weather and so I was able to get out and do it.

Taking delivery of piles of wood and trying to decypher my scribbled plans occupied the first morning, then it was all woodworking go. Drilling, cementing, bolting, screwing, sawing and hammering till the early evening on three successive days got most of the work done, fortunately on the day I had fitted the roof, it began to rain, so I was then able to utilise the properties of a clear plastic corrugated roof and remain dry and end the day with a beer, admiring my work.

All that remains are a few final touches, like fitting some windows and doors so I can enjoy the outside inside. At this moment in time it resembles a crime scene, for the open sides are covered with a large clear tarp, just so the rain doesn't get in.

Oh yeah, celebrated my 43rd birthday with a curry and beers.