Friday, 29 February 2008

That One Final Surprise

A heavily pregnant Sharon and Kieran are not so any more. Baby Taliah entered our world this very morning.

A leap year baby, many congratulations.

Taliah born today, February 29th 2008

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Curry Beer and Wigs

So what events punctuate this month.

Firstly I had invited Peter and his girlfriend Kate (Kasia) round to my house for a homemade curry and an evening of drinking. The evening started quite civilized with ginger and lemonade, then followed with a huge pan of curry and rice, lager, more lager then whiskey and ginger topped up with lemonade.

It was at this point the silly wigs made an appearance along with my camera. Hilarity ensued and lashings of whiskey ginger and lemonade filled any gaps. At some point Kate decided she HAD to go home and so it all HAD to end right there.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Michelle makes a trip to England

Got a surprise phone call from Michelle, not that a phone call from Michelle is a surprise, as we chat all the time, but the surprise was the fact that she would be visiting England to celebrate her mothers 60th birthday. So arrangements had to be made so that we could all meet up at the same point. It's surprising what can be achieved with very little notice, but a triumphant success followed, accompanied by a set of strange coincidences.

As it happens (insert Saville reference here) I was talking to Pla and he mentioned that Kirsty and the kids would be in Blackburn the same weekend as Michelle. So the Saturday night ended up with a grand meeting of old friends. Those attending were as follows. Woody, Michelle, Sandra, Gillian (Sandra's sister), Kirsty, Lee, Stuart (Michelle's brother) and his girlfriend Angela. A veritable fullhouse of loveable funsters making merry in Blackburn. It's strange how quickly and readily we can get together, yet most of the us hardly see each other, and we only live a few miles from each other.

Yet again beer is the lubricant that oils the evening, conversations ebb and flow as quickly as the drink can be purchased. Many establishments are visited this evening, ending up at The Napier, for obligatory 'Welsh Disco' (ask Lee he knows why). More arrangements are made for the following day's walk, and as night follows day, day follows night and it's Sunday already.

Today's the day the teddy bears have a picnic, but we are devoid of teddy bears and we have no sandwiches to picnic with. That being said, or written, we are together once more, but this time in Ribchester. A slightly different line up for today, missing is Stuart and his girlfriend Angela, and also Gillian is not with us.

Joining us today is a heavily pregnant Sharon and Kieran, along with Holly. Lee's youngest daughter Eleanor has brought a friend with her, and Kirsty's monkeys are also in attendance, along with Robin (Sandra's son). Most of us have a little fuzzyness about us (last nights drinking) so walking is prohibited and replaced with plenty of standing around and the taking of pictures. For all we can manage is to hang around while the kids enjoy the playground. Jos turns up unexpected to surprise us, it's good to see him, it's been a while.

After much standing and swaying the children are requesting ice creams, so purchases are made, more hanging around made, but at the shop this time. We return to the playground so the kids can burn off the sugar previously ingested. As the afternoon draws to a close, we all go our separate ways, a great weekend, but the final surprise awaits us at the very end of the month.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Second Month

Second month of the year, and still I continue to try to go out more often and try new things. So this month had many drunken conversations with my new Polish friends. Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but since December, me and Peter (Polish guy from work) have been attempting to jam together with just 2 basses and a drum machine, thus we are drum and bass and bass. It's all sounding a little rough, but a few ideas are beginning to form, at least it gets us doing something rather than trawling through the internet.