Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Barcelona - Michelle and the Grand Prix

  • taxi to airport
  • check in
  • security
  • flight ok, land barcelona
  • michelle working, make own way to sabadell
  • free train to barcelona from airport
  • cheap train barcelona to sabadell
  • taxi, station to airport
  • text michelle have arrived
  • drink beer on veranda, read book in sun, turn pink
  • michelle finished work, exchange greetings and hugs
  • go shopping
  • have food, eat, chat and drink

  • michelle working, day to self
  • shower, sun cream, still pink from yesterday
  • walk to masquefa, train to barcelona
  • arrive city, metro to columbus statue
  • walk along beach, eat food
  • walk up ramblers, take pictures 0f living statues, make donations
  • metro to sagrada familia, more photographs
  • train back to sabadell
  • out for meal with mathew and guy from lufthansa, all paid by top fly
  • home, beer

  • belly dancing class, read book while waiting outside
  • local market, buy new white shirt
  • home, eat, watch F1 qualifying
  • michelle go to extra belly dancing workshop
  • make food, eat, more beer

  • very early start
  • load car, drive to circuit
  • unload, find good spot to sit
  • meet up with vanessa (michelle workmate)
  • 1st race - formula renault, practice high speed photography
  • 2nd race - GP2 - more practice speedy photography
  • 3rd race - porsche - even more practice, have it now
  • drivers procession, parade lap, hamilton booed
  • race starts, hamilton overcooks it, spanish cheer
  • more photo's getting good at it now
  • heiki crashes close to us, little scary, he is okay
  • 3.15 alonso retires from race, small english cheer
  • lots spanish go home
  • race finish, hamilton not win, but points finish
  • small picnic after race, go home
  • rewatch race on video, beer, sleep

  • lazy day
  • dog walking
  • little shopping
  • eat, drink, laze about

  • diy day
  • michelle working
  • do odd jobs around house
  • secure single bed in small room
  • fix gutter on patio
  • fix washing hanger in house
  • get barked at by dogs all day
  • plenty cups tea
  • enjoy sunshire
  • michelle home, eat drink be merry
  • up early
  • goto airport
  • fly home
  • taxi
  • curry
  • end

Monday, 14 April 2008

A Pendle walk for Kieran's Birthday

Kieran had decided he wanted to celebrate his 40th by walking up Pendle Hill and being one who enjoys a good walk, I would accompany him along with Sandra T, and Jos, little Robin and Holly the dog.

After being picked up we proceeded to Kieran's for a quick cooing over baby Taliah, a quick hello to Sharon and a handing over of presemts to Kieran. Not his birthday for a few days, so was under instruction not to open until the correct day. His present from me being a miniature Jimmy Page double neck Gibson guitar.

So off we did trot, walk and be carried.

For most of the day the weather stayed fine, that was until Jos and Sandra headed back, whist me and Kieran with Holly continued upwards and onwards. The sky turned black and we got a soaking. Despite that the summit was spectacular, with views all over Lancashire. Descending back into the village via the rocky steps was somewhat akin to Frodo and Sam taking the ring to Mount Doom, only we were heading back, and are real people and not characters from a book.

We returned to the car park only to see little Robin chasing ducks, trying to feed them. Eventually he gave up and ate the bread himself. Kieran headed home with Holly, and I got a lift back with Jos and Sandra, stopping breifly at my house to have a quick look at my much improved yard / garden.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

April - Birthday Month No. 1

And so it is April, and what have we here, a month of birthdays, 4 to be precise. What is it with me and my friends, of all the months of the year, we congregate our birthdays around 2 months. Firstly April and secondly September. Obviously there are a few exceptions, but on the whole most of our birthdays occur during those 2 months. Horrorscopes, too vague and abstract, its a sim0le fact, our parents really enjoy 2 points during the year, summer and christmas. Check your calendar.

Anyway those having birthdays this month are as follows, Michelle, Kieran, Sharon and Sandra T.

Also this year there will be many 40ths, the first being Kieran.