Monday, 24 October 2011

Lakes Visit October 2011

 Now that I have a car arranging venture like this become a little easier. It had been planned quite some time ago that we would venture to the lakes for a few days, and as Michelle was over for her brothers wedding it was the perfect time to do such a thing.

We had arranged to meet in the village later that day, so picking up Michelle we headed off, must have been a little strange for Michelle, even though I had been driving for over a year, she had not really experienced my driving, anyway off we went. The journey up there went without incident until we got to the village and found it to be rather busy, so we decided to head straight to our hotel and wait there.

It wasn't long before everyone had arrived, great thing technology, a few simple text and we all know where we are. Gathered together would be myself, Michelle, Sandra, Marc, Christine, Brad, Pla and Kirsty. Our establishmnet is quite pleasant enough, me and Michelle seemed to have got the best room out of our little group,much to Kirsty's grumblings.

Anyway, boots on wrapped up and off out we went. Straight up the nearest hill, not sticking to many established paths and meanderings, we eventually reached a summit, took in the view, braced the elements and headed back for a damned good feeding, we had earned it.

A quick shower and change of clothes and we met downstairs to eat drink and be merry, and that we did. The strange thing was, the serving staff were all Polish, pity I couldn't remember much what my friends had taught me in the past, but anyway, good beer, few games of pool and it was time to retire for the night.

The next day brought a pleasant morning and breakfast. Maps are spread out on the table and Brad had picked out a route that we would eventually ignore and wander off again. I drove to the next village to pick up Sandra and Marc as they had stopped at a different hotel than the rest of us, so Sandra was now able to experience my driving for the first time.

After dropping my car off at the hotel I met up with everyone and we headed off and up. Again not following the instructions as instructed, taking lefts instead of rights, we finally made it to a real path and followed that for a while before heading off again to seek out a tarn. Eventually we found it, despite Mr Pla taking a slight tumble on the way. 

All that was left was to head back to the hotel, gather our belongings, as me and Michelle were only stopping the one night. Michelle had to fly back the next day, and I could only get a couple days off. 

That we did and despite a slight wrong turn, we eventually made it home in one piece, dropping Michelle off at her mums on the way.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wedding of Stuart and Angela

Its not very often that I am a plus one, and so in my new suit, tie and shoes, it's off to the Calfs Head, near Clitheroe, to pay witness to Michelle's brothers wedding. Having known Michelle and her family for many many years,it's nice to be invited to such an occasion and great to catch up with them. Rob and Ryn have brought little Rebecca with them from the sun that is San Francisco, and Stuart is as nervous as nervous can be, so time to sit down and have a beer and try to relax.

After much glad handing and introductions we are asked to venture forth into the conservatory for the ceremony is about to begin. We all file into arranged chairs and Stuart makes his wasy to the front accompanied by his oldest friend and best man.

As soon as everyone is settled the music strikes up and Angela makes her way down the aisle to her husband to be, this is where the tears begin to flow, and continue for quite some time. Stuart is overcome with emotion, eyes redden and the tears begin to flood, his best man gives him a more than gentle dig in the ribs, but there is no controlling Stuart.

Stuart and Angela stand side by side holding hands, and begin the commitment to each other, Stuart still blubs and laughs at himself at his emotional state, it's so contagious that almost everyone has a sniffle or two.

Stuart's father, who is also Rob and Michelles father, reads a passage to the gathered attendent folk, and his wife Caroline also reads something. This gives time for Stuart to compose himself before he starts blubbing again, but manages to say I do and kiss his new wife.

The register is signed and it's now official, they are now Mr & Mrs Kay.

We retire to the main room, photographs are taken officially, before moving onto the feeding room for a good carvery feed. It is at this point we all stop and allow the speeches to be spoken, more laughs, tears and hilarity.

Moving back into the bar more beer is consumed, conversations resumed and we await the night do. Many of us are a little subdued due to the alcohol and food we have consumed during the day, a little kip would have been nice.

The wedding disco kicks off, the usual floor fillers are played, someone said the DJ used to play at the Hacienda, must have been the cloakroom.

Anyway a great night is had by all, and slowly people make there way home.