Friday, 31 December 2010

Christmas In Barcelona

Well it is that time of year again, and yet again I would be spending it in Barcelona. Well you cannot pass up such an invitation can you. England was cold and covered in snow, and Barcelona would be considerably warmer and devoid of snow.

Again a few firsts would be accomplished, I would be driving to airport and leaving car for a week, and secondly flying with EasyJet from Liverpool. Neither would deprive me from sleep, but there has to a first time for everything. No problems getting there, or parking my car on a snow covered car park, so a stress free flight and my arrival in Barcelona was complete.

But not everything went to plan.

Whilst out walking with Shel and the dogs, little Raymond (a dog) had a mild stroke and had to be taken to the vets for tests and observation. That gave us quite a scare, but he was pretty much back to his usual grumpy self later that evening.

Christmas Day was filled with food and drink, more food and a little more drink. No bird, but Beef stuffed with sausage meat and pine nuts, very nice. Of course we had all the trimmings, along with some miniature Chorizo, oh yessss.

Boxing Day we had been invited to Gabi's mums for a family feast, and so along we went using my very limited Spanish to attempt to communicate. As Ray was still not so well, we left early and continued with the drink.

With me I had brought some Indian spices, so curry could be made, and was so. Very good it was indeed, with plenty of spices and sauce left over so Shel could make another.

A few more walks with the dogs filled the days, with explorations around the village. It's great to be in the Spanish countryside and do without all the hustle and bustle of the city. Plenty pics were taken as is the norm with me, and all that was left was for me to zip back to England and pick up my car and drive home. Hurrah.