Monday, 27 August 2012

44th Birthday

Today was my 44th birthday, took the day off work, did bugger all, had curry, few beers, that is all

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Vulcan Reunion

Someone earlier this year mentioned that there may be a Vulcan Reunion, that would be grand thing to attend, better than a high school reunion, at least it would be full of people you would like to see, even if you had not seen them in many years. Anyway the weeks went by, Facebook had a page dedicated to it, and may people said they would turn up. Even Michelle was going to fly over from Spain especially for it, at least one person I would know then.

So the day finally arrived, and so did the rain, non bloody stop all day, good job the Havelock had a marquee out the back, otherwise the sheer number of people who wanted to go would have had no where to go. The place was packed, mostly full of people who must have been patrons before I started to go there. To be honest the people from my time in the Vulcan were vastly outnumbered, but it was still a good day. Managed to chat to many faces who didn't recognise at first, mainly due to the lack of hair on my part, and the fact that many of us were so off our faces we couldn't remember our own names.

There should have been bands playing, but a stupid rumour about cancellation meant that 2 band pulled out and a third band whose photograph should be here, stayed around for a while, but eventually buggered off as well, pity.

Music was piped in, trying to recreate those halcyon days, many a classic tune drifted in an out of the Vulcan Marquee as recollections of the past were recounted, memories of those who didn't make it, and of those who just couldn't make it. In all it was a great day, if the weather had been better, my guess there would have been double the attendees today. Another one has been suggested for December, I will be one of those who cannot make it, but will have a drink for those who can.

pictures taken by, or for Michelle

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Barcelona - August 2012

Well here goes yet another visit to see Michelle in Barcelona, this time it's in the heat of August, gonna be sweaty, but England has been wet all year so a little of own moisture won't hurt, I think.

Fortunately Michelle has had all of August off from work, so we are free to do whatever we decide to get on with, there are a few jobs that need attending to, but nothing that will interrupt our holiday.

First night I had arrived we met up with with a couple of Michelle's friends and headed out to a local festival for some live music, which went on into the small hours, but when they are playing ska, you don't mind, your body just keeps moving to the beat.

So what did we do, managed to sort out a gate for the bottom of the steps to prevent the dogs from getting to the top of the garden and annoy or be annoyed by the other dogs in the area. Drove out to visit a cool bar at the top of Sant Pere, would be great place to spend a night out, huge beer garden with overgrown knooks and secluded crannies.

Had to adjust the gate we had put up, as two of the dogs had managed to scale over it, so a nice bit of picket fencing now adorns the gate and the wall.

Drove out to visit some of the castles in the area, there are quite a few of them scattered about in Anoia, not too far from Masquefa, good for the dogs, somewhere new for them to explore and snuffle about.

Met up with an old friend of Michelle's from her time nursing in Lancaster. Anne was over here with here daughter Amber and her partner David who was over here on holiday in Barcelona. So we couldn't pass up on an opportunity like that, and so we met them at an apartment that they had borrowed, had a couple of drinks then headed out into the night for the Festival in Gracia. The locals decorate the squares and streets with different themes, with music and food available. 

Unfortunately Anne had been bitten by mosquitos a couple days ago and had a bad reaction, and so her legs were a little sore, so they cut their night a little short and left me and Michelle to wander the streets for a little longer, only to find a street all decorated like Star Wars, oh did we laugh. It was so well done, huge papier mache figures and sound effects.

We arranged to meet up again with Anne and Amber later that week up at Sant Pol De Mar, so in the car we went and off we travelled.

What a nice place, a quiet beach with calm water. Met up with the people who Anne had borrowed the apartment from, both their daughters have been pen friends for many years and visit each other from time to time. I spent a little time kayaking in the sea, but there are no photographs to prove it, you will have to take my word for it. We all spent a little time paddling in the sea though, its definately a place I would like to visit again, maybe spend a night or two there.

Well the night was beginning to draw in and we were all on the same flight back to England next day, not Michelle, she was due to fly over later that week for something else.

Michelle drove us back, dropped Anne and Amber off on the way, cracked open a few beers and flew home the next day. Bumped into Anne, David and Amber obviously at the airport, had a brew and went our separate ways.