Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Spain & The 2011 Spanish Grand Prix

Good to get some sun on my pasty skin, and manage to avoid the English lobster look, spend time with my good friend Michelle. We embarked on many a good walk with her pack of dogs, exploring the countryside of Masquefa, it's all quite beautiful, but you cannot beat the rolling hills of the English countryside, a little more sunshine wouldn't go amiss though.

I endulged in plenty of good food including a damn fine Prawn Madras, home cooked by Michelle of course. Even a squid ink paella was consumed with gusto, mighty tasty, but doesn't half stain your teeth.

Michelle had to work while I visited, so camera in hand I took the opportunity to wander around some of the less touristy parts of Barcelona, snapping away at whatever caught my eye. While we had time in the city itself we made a visit to the Museum of Rock, housed in the old bull fighting ring. Basically it was the private collection of a local radio DJ, but it did contain some choice artifacts.


The Spanish GP was as good if not better than expected, a bit of a formality with Vettel romping home to yet another win. Alonso entertained the home crowd with a spectacular opening manouver, but was unable to fend of the Red Bull of Vettel and the two Maclarens. His inability to finish on the podium promted many of the Spanish contingent to head home early. Hamilton received the obligatory pantomime booing, but at least we could shout 'he's behind you'.

A second and third for Hamilton And Button ended an exciting race viewed from a grandstand opposite the pit lane exit, as the champagne flowed on the podium, it was time to remove the earplugs and head off for a bit of shade to chill out, as we had no rush to leave, unlike the Alonso fans, plus I had a few more days in Spain to enjoy.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Recent Events

So what have I been doing since my last post. Well not a lot, but here is a list anyway

- Have enjoyed drinking some of the vodka I brought back from Poland.
- Formula 1 is back on, so most of my Sunday afternoons are spoken for.
- Drove to Manchester for a gig, only to find the main band had cancelled.
- Painted back wall of house, 1st time since I moved here.
- Got new car insurance, bloody expensive.
- Put car through MOT, passed with only a few minor faults.

But in a couple of weeks, the Spanish Grand Prix beckons, so I shall be jetting off to Michelle's to enjoy her hospitality and enjoy another race in Spain. Sitting opposite the pit lane exit this year, so it's gonna be extra loud :)