Saturday, 31 October 2009

October 2009

October brought the one year anniversary of the death of my father, still cannot believe it, and it being a year already. We marked the occasion with a few helium balloons, which we let off by his tree, and attached to the balloons we had tags with my email address in case someone found it and would be willing to get back in touch. Guess what, a few weeks later someone did get back to me, informing me that it landed later the same day in Hillsborough Sheffield, what kind chappie he was.

Kirsty ventured up north for a visit and so we went out for a few beers, but sadly no pictorial evidence is in existence from me. Halloween was spent without fancy dress, but a quick visit to Blackpool with Gill to see the pretty lights was undertaken, and on returning to my house, pumpkins carved and illuminated. The evening was completed with a nice bowl of curry and a viewing of the remake of Halloween.

October also saw the start of something, but more of that later, fingers crossed (bet your wondering, he he he)