Wednesday, 3 September 2008

On Being 40

So it's finally here, the huge landmark in the grand scheme of things, a time where life is supposed to begin, the midlife crisis, time to re-assess ones priorities, to take stock of what has gone before, ponder the inevitable.

For me, it's just another birthday, only this time with more food and presents. An excuse to get old and new friends together, have a laugh, for 40 isn't that old now now that i a actually here. But at 16, 40 seems such a long way away and a place where you got 'old'.

Do I feel any different, have I suddenly gotten old overnight, do my teeth reside in a glass by the bed at night. Has my mind started to fail me, and joint pain starting to keep me awake at night. Well some of these things are true, but have been for quite a while, but do I feel 40...........NO.

Personally I think I am growing old gracefully, dignified and with a little style. I make no attempts to disguise the fact I am going bald, my eye sight is what it is, and my little beer belly is still there. As for a midlife crisis, what midlife, my life is what it is and people who know me, know me and all agree, age is a state of mind.

I still like to go out, even though hangovers take a few days to get over. Music still has to be played loud and not because I qam going a little deaf, it just has to be. Ok I have no idea who is in the top 40, but have I ever?

Do I regret anything from the last 40 years, no. For there is no use in regret, for you cannot change anything, and if you could, you would not know if you had anyway.

So what for the future, who knows, just keep enjoying my life the way I have always have.

To all those who helped me celebrate my 40th, cards, pressies, food, drink, I thank you all. It meant a lot to me, for friends and family are more important than anything. See you for the next 40.