Sunday, 23 August 2009

Spain August 2009

Sunday - Arrived and chilled

Monday - Shopping and fence erecting, nice sticks on a roll for edge of patio

Tuesday - Dali museum in Figueras then to Port Lligat for a wander, ended up at Cadaques for food

Wednesday - Lazy day, dog walking in Martorell. Cleaned wood burner pipes

Thursday - More lazing, dug out pipes for veg patch, and erected them for veg patch, then another dog walk to football field

Friday - Dog walking in Martorell

Off to Cambrills to see Cambrirock
- Joselito “El Chatarra”
- Chambao
- Ojos de Brujo

slept in car

Saturday - Tarragona for wander around cathedral then Roman ruins and more food, local pub for couple beers with the dogs, home for home made margarita (bit too sharp for me)

Sunday - another lazy day, watched Grand prix, from comfort of sofa, and fitted fence to posts

Monday - Back home

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