Monday, 10 September 2012

Cult & The Mission - Manchester Apollo

Many months ago I booked many tickets to go see many bands over the forth coming months, this one had been rescheduled due probably to poor ticket sales, they had intended to play Manchester Arena, but it got moved to Manchester Apollo, plus it made it a midweek gig, but hey ho.

Off I went in my little car, off to the Apollo. Killing Joke were supposed to be first on the bill but Jaz decided he was better than that, slagged off The Cult and pulled out of the tour. So when The Mission came on stage playing the first bars to the Killing Joke song Eighties then asked 'do you know who we are' it was rather funny. Their set comprised of most of their early material with a couple of new numbers thrown in. Having been a bit of a Mission fan it was not objectionable to me, and was quite entertaining.

The Cult came on and proceeded to rock the house, again playing many old tracks, mostly off Love and Electric, but Spiritwalker was thrown into the mix and Billy was asked to play the opening bars to Christians to which he complied, but eventually gave up. Ian's vocals were a bit staccato, this being the first of many dates, I don't think he wants to blow his voice, but saying that they played well. The mix was a bit mushy with the bass being not to defined, you can't have everything though can you.

I went home quite happy, not seen the Cult in over 20 years, so it quite good to get out and see them again.