Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sandra and Michelle's 40th Birthday Party

Last night saw what could have been described as a celebrity gathering, if any real celebrities were actually there. Instead we took it upon ourselves to dress up all fancy like, and be somebody else for the night. All was in celebration of Michelle and Sandra's 40th birthdays. So here we were in Hebden Bridge, in a small room above the Stubbin Wharf pub, a dancing and a feeding, a chatting and laughing. Catching up with familiar faces from our respective past, capturing digital snapshots for the future.

A slight hiccup caused me a slight embarrasment, when my laptop decided to shut down, it had become too hot from sitting on a paper tablecloth. A quick restart and a mouse converted into a temporary prop, allowed the music to continue (phew). I had also managed to create a slideshow of images, and had them projected large form, for people to gape at and giggle. you can see some of them in the background, of the video at the end of this entry.

The highlight of the evening was the floorshow, when Michelle and Sandra, dressed up as the Anadin Brothers from Dr & the Medics, performed a choreographed jig and swirl to 'Spirit In The Sky'. Everyone who had come as somebody else excelled in their attire, 2 Elvis's (or Elvii), Meat Loaf, Cher, Captain Sensible, Bananarama, Avril Lavigne, Mama Cass, John & Yoko to name but many. Eventually the evening came to a close and we all slinked back to our regular existance, but images remain to remind us of an unforgetable night.

click here for gallery of pictures