Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Riders On The Storm - Manchester Apollo

Riders On The Storm - Manchester Apollo, January 2007

When are the Doors not the Doors, when they are Riders On The Storm, this being due to some injunction or something.

But Jim is dead you may proclaim, yes I know but Ian Astbury has donned the leather jacket and shades, and taken over the vocals. Boy does he do it well.

Along with original members, Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzerak, they took to the stage in Manchester and rocked the Apollo.

Mostly the 'hits' are played, but a few obscure fan favorites are included. Astbury does not attempt to be Morrison, and simply slips to the rear of the stage in between songs, thus allowing those who were there to tell us about being there.

That being said, there are a few moments when you could almost believe Astbury was Morrison, what with his vocal stylings and physical presence. Jim has left the building, but the Doors are still open.