Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Big Drive - Cornwall October 2010

Now that I am driving it was only a matter of time before making the Big Drive. That being driving to Cornwall. I had kinda planned to do it earlier, but circumstances prevented that, so Halloween was to be the time to attempt it.

One thing that became apparent, was packing. As had no need to limit what I was to take or how neat I need to pack my bags, it was just a matter of chucking stuff in the car, set the Sat Nav, and off went.

That was until I got to Warrington, and had to endure 1 and a half hours of crawling along at 5mph. But all was not lost, having packed some tuna butties, and a grand selection of music, it was just a matter of time, before I was off and running.

Eventually, the road cleared and everyone got on with their respective journeys. Despite the hold up I made good time and got to Cornwall in just over 7 and a half hours.

Once there I slotted into the general Plirtsy routine and had a great time. The weather wasn't always that great, but I drove Pla and Willow to Falmouth to visit John and Lucie on one of the dryer days. Obviously I had to be guided, but no great disaster, and we got back in one piece without any shattered nerves.

Made a difference, deciding who's car to take, now that I have one, but navigating those tiny roads will get some getting used to.

The girls all got dressed up for Halloween and went out Trick or Treating, and my curry was consumed to much hmmming and belly slapping.

Eventually I had to drive back, and did so stocked up on pasties, but much quicker than my drive down. Six hours was pretty good going for my little car, and will probably do it again nearer summer, long weekend maybe.....