Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My first car

As alluded to in previous posts, something that I had started back in October came to fruition on June the 4th, that being, starting driving lessons and passing my test first time. In the last couple of week I had been looking for a car to purchase, and on Saturday 12th June myself and Graham went a hunting for cars, and luckily we found such a thing, and made a downpayment. The following Wednesday, we returned to pick up said car and made probably the scariest drive in my life.

and here it is

Friday, 11 June 2010

Kasia visits from Poland

June the 11th saw Kasia fly to England for an extended visit, for how long she would stay, who knows, but for the next couple weeks, she would be squeezing into the small room at the back of my house. Starting work back at Mellor Electrics allowed her to earn money, but flat hunting would be one of the first things she would attend to. In the interim we would get out whenever possible as long as the weather permits.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

June 2010

Friday the 4th of June saw the payoff of what I started back in October 2009, but more of that later.

5th of June was The Damned in Manchester Academy, so myself Lee and Kieran met up with Julie Windle and set fort on the train to Manchester for beer and merryment, and was had with aplomb. Since we spent time in the bar consuming pints of golden liquid, we missed the support bands, but as soon was available we set forth and entered the room of delight.

The Damned never dissapoint, always a great show, and quite often as tonight was the case, play some old songs from their ever expanding catalogue. The delight's they played tonight were, Fan Club, Fish, Gun Fury, Bad Time For Bonzo, Limit Club and Thanks For The Night. Great banter between the band and the audience punctuated the set, as as the good Captain remarked, we (Manchester) were a better audience than the previous night (London). Well we Northern Scum do appreciate good music when we hear it.

Microphones had been placed on the sides of the stage, maybe they were recording, they did record the Machine Gun Etiquette DVD here, so maybe we have been recorded for posterity.

Anyhow, didn't take my camera with me, but some kind person did, so here is a link to what they took - Kevin Ruscoe's pictures, here is one of those mentioned, not taken by me pictures for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

May 2010

May brings the annual pilgrimage to Spain, for the Spanish Grand Prix, so avoiding the ash that has been plaguing many flights in and out of the country, I managed just that and had a great time. Fortunately Michelle had many day's off, so for all of my visit we were able to spend our days walking the dogs, doing a bit of gardening, checking out the fast cars, and take a crazy amount of pictures as per usual. Only get delayed by 6 hours to get home, damn that ash.

and the day of the fast cars