Monday, 31 March 2008

Marching into March

Had kinda arranged to go for a curry on Saturday 1st March to celebrate Lee's birthday, but somebody (Lee), started the day before and was feeling a little fragile, and so was unable to continue on Saturday.

So that left my day free.

Ice skating, what a bad idea. A good one at the time, but whilst and after, BAD BAD BAD.

A good friend of mine who I had arranged to meet on the afternoon of the soon to be cancelled curry, asked me if I wanted to accompany them in a spot of ice skating, now that I was free all day, I thought what the hell, why not. First few laps were ok, but after, oooh, there was so much pain in my ankles. So sitting this out was the best option. My friend continued making circles around the rink. But for me, my ice skating career was over.

After, we adjourned to the pub, as I said previous, plans had changed due to someones over indulgence the night before. The rest of the day was spent in the pub nursing my sore ankles, drinking beer, and why not.

What of the rest of the month, well nothing spectacular, few more nights in the pub, a couple walks in the park and some creative musical evenings. Apart from that, a quiet month.