Saturday, 4 September 2010

Wild Boar Park, Chipping. September 3rd 2010

I had kinda arranged to drive over to see Sandra at some point on my holidays, but unfortunately she had been working on the days I was free to visit, but on the last Friday of my holidays we were both free and arranged to meet up at the Wild Boar Park in Chipping.

This was a challenge for my driving, lots of country roads to navigate, twists, turns, hills, dips. You name it, it was there, and boy did I have to concentrate. Even with my trusty sat nav it was a complicated drive. Yes I got there, and yes it was worth it.

Set in a small valley is basically a sanctuary for an assortment of animals, from Meercats to Red Deer, the task at hand is to wander about the place and find everything. Most of it is located around the visitors centre, but you can still wander off and explore the woods and discover.

Great place to take your kids, and Sandra had brought Robin, her friend Sally and her daughter Rosa. Again the sun was out, as was my camera, and strangely enough we didn't get to see the wild boars until it was time to leave. Ah well.

Wild Boar Park Website - Link

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bolton Abbey, September 1st 2010

As this was such a bright sunny day, driving somewhere was obvious, but as to where to go that was the question, do I drive to the sea? and if so whereabouts? It wasn't until I awoke that a thought popped into my head, Bolton Abbey. This was somewhere I visited on a school trip probably over 30 years ago, but for some reason I had never been back, it's not that it's a long drive, probably took me an hour. Anyway, I packed up a bottle of water with my camera, loaded the postcode into the trusty sat nav, and off I went.

The drive there was pleasant enough, easy to find and not too busy on the roads, and the sun was shining brightly in the sky, what else could I ask for. Another great day out, another photo opportunity.

End Of my Summer Holiday, August 31st 2010

Having finally recovered from my birthday, and the weather being sunny, the car and I ventured forth for more sights to see and pictures to be taken, the first being local to test out a new filter for my camera. A polarizer is supposed to bring out colour and reduce reflection, so what the heck, off I went to see what could be achieved with it.

Witton Park, Blackburn