Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bodyworlds - Manchester

Had a day trip to Manchester with Peter and Kasia, to visit the dead bodies at the MOSI (Museum Of Science & Industry) and what a trip it was. Dr Gunter Von Hagen has perfected a way of preserving cadavers and arranging them for public observation. It boggles the imagination, for nothing can prepare you for the confrontation of our own mortality and bodily function, for all is laid bare, quite literally.

Unfortunately no pictures can be taken at the exhibition, but there is no need, for such images are seared into the brain for a long time to come, and yes I did feel a little peckish on the way around.

Some of the exhibits are purely scientific, as in hearts, lungs etc, sectioned and displayed, but it is the fact that they are actual body parts thats holds our fascination.

Other exhibits are positioned into elaborate poses (guitarist) or are recreations of classical scientific/religious artworks. The more you see the more you are in awe of the fantastical spectacle before you.

You must see it before it leaves Manchester, in the middle of August.

After here we became a little more traditional, a quick visit to the air and space museum, mainly to escape the rain, then it was onto the art gallery, to pull bemused faces at traditional 'art' and to stand open mouthed at contemporary pieces (Gwon Osang).

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Barbeques - great British tradition

A great British tradition during the summer months is to attempt to cook food outside, that is between torrents of rain and the occasion bout of food poisoning.

So me being a sucker for tradition opted for a simple barbeque with kebabs, cooked sausage and thinly sliced curried chicken. This was attempted twice during May, and both to a successful conclusion, that is, no food poisoning.

My yard is now fully equipped to cater for this food fest, having benches (home made), BBQ and chimnea, and the obligatory huge umbrella, in case of emergencies.

For second BBQ a gazebo was erected, but not needed as weather stayed fine for both gatherings.

Further construction is planned for late summer, something akin to a wooden framed pagoda with facilities including removable tarpaulin, for shelter. Lights may adorn the frame, but a sound system will have to come first.

Who knows we may have more good weather later in the year, but I will not be holding my breath.

L to R, Me, Kasia, Adam, Kasia, Piotr