Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas In Barcelona 2011

Here I am again, Christmas in Barcelona, lots of dog walking, getting out and about, eating good food, drinking too much, and generally having a good time. Built Michelle a bird feeder hanger type thingy, it wasn't until Christmas Day that my insistence became apparent.

Too be honest that's about it really apart from going into the village on Christmas  Eve, meeting up with some of Michelle's friends, drinking many rum n cokes, staggering back to Michelle's, drinking more rum n coke, watching space documentaries until something like 6.30 in the morning, but not waking up until 3 in the afternoon feeling sooo rough.

Michelle had got up around noon, due to the dogs having a bit of a bark, but she left me sleeping, she Skyped her father, and started on dinner. Meanwhile I am oblivious to all this until I eventually got up, feeling slightly embarrassed at the time. Some food later and a quick walk around the village and I began to feel slightly more human. One Michelle pressies I got for her was an iron bird feeder that she could hang on the wooden hanger I built the other day.

Sitting down to a late Christmas dinner we laughed about the day, had a couple glasses of wine and called it a day. Don't want to do that again.

The rest of my stay went without incident, spent Boxing day at Michelle's 'in-laws', met up with Michelle's friends in the village again where they were hanging human cutouts around the place, we retired to a Tapas bar and stuffed ourselves.

The last few days were spent dog walking, and playing on the playstation, with a few more strange science documentaries thrown in.

Probably same again next year, but without the excessive alcohol, I hope.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Abdominal Scan

Finally went to hospital for my scan, couldn't find anything wrong with me.