Monday, 28 May 2007

Spanish Grand Prix - 2007

Spanish Grand Prix, 2007

Second time around and it's just me and Michelle, similar preperations as last time, cool box, food water, chairs etc.

This time went to see qualification, had good look at new cars, plenty of pictures taken.

Race day, good English following for new boy Hamilton, not a win for him, but a third gave him the lead in the championship.

Good cheers from Spanish for Hamilton, oh how that would change in a few weeks.

Sea's of blue had become sea's of white as locals had to buy new shirts to follow Alonso's move to a new team. Not a wise investment for the future, oops. Had my Scotland flag, Senna t-shirt and Button baseball cap, very eclectic.

Had new camera this year, so was able to get better pictures, bit closer with good zoom, so go look see.