Thursday, 1 June 2006

Correfoc - Masquefa Barcelona


masquefa barcelona may 2006

There is no way on earth that this festival could be performed in England, its a pity for it is such a great spectacle, it unifys the village and all around, just as long as you don't mind loud noise, and being chased throughthe streets by devils brandishing pitchforks carrying fireworks.

Brief description taken from internet:
The 'Correfoc' (running fire) comes from a medieval dance called 'ball de diables' (demons dance) that represented the victory of an angel over a group of demons and was represented on festivities. Later pyrotechnics were added, and now it lacks any religious background except thefact that they're disguides as demons, so its just an entertainment thing that's done on various festivities, mostly on summer. In addition every group of demons has a monster that spits fireworks and all of them have a group of drummers that keep playing while the correfoc lasts. People are free to get inside the correfoc and stay under the fireworks, althoughyou should be properly dressed with old cotton clothes and a hat so you don't get burned.

That said, you have to experience it, a sensory assault that resembles a riot, with adults and children alike in caps and scarves covering as much of the face as possible. The preceedings start from the square with a vitriolic attack on all organisations, from the church to the state, drummers pound out continuously in between statements of abuse.

The march meanders through the village stopping off outside the town hall to give a special bit of abuse, similar treatment is given to the church. A rather large dragon is festooned with fireworks and all are set ablaze to whoops and cheers from the ensembled followers. All the way through the village the 'demons' continuously move back and forth from the cart carrying the fireworks, load their pitchfork, have it ignited by those carrying flares, and run with fireworks blazing towards all those participating in the fun.

If you wanted to sleep tonight you would have no chance, as the festivities continued to the late hours of midnight, The whole village gets involved, from those dressed up as the 'demons', the many who run the gauntlet of fire and residents who hang out of windows to watch it all happen from the safety of their homes.

Of course this could never happen in England, for many reasons, spoilsports.

If you get the chance to see and experience the correfoc, then do so, but you may need earplugs as well.

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