Thursday, 24 January 2008

Dunc's visit from Germany

Obviously we would not be alone in our outing to the pub, so phones had to be rung, messages left and arrangements arranged. Barzooka would be the venue for the night, well until we had to leave (closing time arrived far too quickly) and find another drinking establishment.

So we the merry men (and woman) made merry for the evening, for many of us had not seen each other for quite some time. Tales were told, no songs sung, but merryment made non the less.

Attendee's for the evening went as follows. Woody, Lee, Stu D, Tony, Pete, Dunc and Sonia (merry woman as previously indicated).

After leaving Barzooka, more beer needed to be found and a second place of beer selling required. The Napier still has signs of life on this cold Thursday evening, so we the very merrymen and woman entered by the back door (ooer) and took refuge by the bar, for it was karaoke night. Fortunately none of us had the urge to make fools of ourselves any further, and so we drunk our final drinks, made our goodbyes and went our not so separate ways.

Seeing that I had work the next day, and my head would probably be of the banging kind, I decided that I would throw a sickie, and ring in feigning illness.

Following that, January remained relatively uneventful. So thats it for January.

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