Saturday, 12 July 2008

Fake No More - White Bull, Blackburn July 11th 2008

Had to revise my attitude towards tribute bands the other night, as I saw one who were rather good.

So, crammed into the White Bull was Fake No More, a Faith No More tribute band (name a bit of a give away). having listened to some MP3's on their website the potential was good, and they did not dissapoint.

The singer had made some effort to look like Patton, but did manage to sound like him most of the time. Musically they hit all the right notes (bad pun, sorry). It was a rather lack lustre turn out that let it down, but after nearly 2 hours the band still rocked. They even attempted Fantomas and Tomahawk, which worked. But a tribute band doing songs that the original band covered is bordering on self anihilation, if not a little strange.

Those attending enjoyed it all the same, and sang along when possible.

Raise your glasses its a successful tribute band, a beacon in an ocean of mediocracy.

Those attending, Me, Lee, Piotr, Kasia

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Lee said...

Good gig. His little beard made of phleghm made me feel sick. Or maybe that was the 7 pints of lager...