Monday, 29 December 2008

Bowling For Christmas

It used to be the tradition that we would all meet up for something to eat between Christmas and New Years, often at someones house for a buffet. The last few years we have not been bothered to do it, for one thing or another, but this year, it would return.

Michelle would be over in England for Christmas and excuses made & a meet up arranged. This year we would be eating out, and then later, bowling. The eating part had been added at the last minute and so not all could meet that early. Fortunately the eating place was only round the corner and so walking to bowl easy. A slight delay in seating and a shoddy service at the eatery made sure that those waiting for us at the bowling had to join us for a beer at the eatery. Now we are all together, names can be revealed.

Me, Michelle, Sandra, Gillian (Sandra's sister), Kieran & Lee.

Bellies full of Mexican digestables, we waddled our way over the road to view the Vue, and bowling for Christmas. Having paid money and exchanged our shoes, our lane awaited. I had only been bowling the once before, and Lee had been a few, the rest of us were innocent in the kind of fun that would follow.

3 games, many hurling of bowls, Lee having Wii arm, silly strike dancing, beer, my winning of the 1st and last game, Gillian the winning of the 2nd game, lots of hillarity, applause at strikes, Sandra being crowned the gutter queen, and me having the highest overall score.

With this all said and done, we heading back into Blackburn for a few more well earned beers. Sadly Kieran was to go home before more drinking, but it did not stop the rest of us.

Maybe we will do this all again, sometime.........

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