Thursday, 30 October 2008

Strawberry Duck - October 2008

As Kirsty and Pla had ventured north to mark the event that was Kirsty's 40th birthday, we decided to meet up and drink beer, the location for this mass consumption would be the Strawberry Duck, former venue for many a drunken night out. The Duck was one of the only pubs in the area at which you had a wide variety of real ale, and for our return visit, we hoped that this would still be the fact. Luckily for us it was still home for many an oddly monikered ale of three.

us loveable funstersThose attending this cold wet evening would be Pla, Kirsty, Kieran, Sandra, Myself, Lee and Gillian (Sandra's sister), she had nothing better to do and is taking the picture.

Merriment and consumption of ale began, continued though a game of musical chairs, well we moved from one room to another, and ended via the train back to Blackburn in the Napier. Fortunately this pub had quite a few more fellow drinkers than the Duck, a bit sparse was the Duck, the barstaff nearly outnumbered the patrons.

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