Saturday, 28 August 2010

42nd Birthday

This year as it would be my 42nd birthday it was decided that I would have some kind of do, that do being a fancy dress do, and a do to be held at St Albans club in Blackburn. Some people did ask, why 42, and the obvious reply was, well it's the meaning of life isn't it. To which I would be issued with a puzzled look and a brief shaking of the head. Many of my friends embraced the idea and came in some kind of Pythonesque attire, even Michelle flew over from Spain for the weekend, just to join in with the crazyness.

As the venue had to close around midnight, and not wanting to transform into pumpkins, we ventured into the night and sought refuge in a local drinking establishment, The Napier. A few heads were turned, but some patrons saw the joke and kindly got into the spirit of it all. In all a splendid night was had by all, a few old faces made their current faces visible. Images of such have been digitally captured for posterity and made available by the wiggle and click of a plastic mouse.

Thanks to all those who made it a night to remember.

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