Sunday, 1 August 2010

Kasia is going home

As with most things, they have to come to an end, and so Kasia has decided to go back to Poland. A job opportunity has arisen and it would be foolish to pass up such a great offer, sure beats what she had been doing for the last few weeks. It's just a pity that the weather had not been that good, and chances of outings being few and infrequent, but despite that we did get out a few times, and obviously a few pics taken to document the occasions.

Corporation Park June 20th

Corporation Park July 4th

Entwistle Reservoir July 30th

And so on Saturday 31st July I drove Kasia to Liverpool Airport for her flight home. It was wonderful having her here, and to stay at my house for the duration. Both me and my cat Q kinda got used to her being around, but alas she has gone home, hope all goes well in her new job and she gets a nice flat, well it will give me somewhere to stay when I go and visit.

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