Thursday, 13 December 2012

Latest Update

Another visit to the doctors and some good news, my HB (haemoglobin) levels are rising quite nicely, results show they are at a healthier 10.8, still a little to go to the minimum of 13, but it's all looking good. On the drug front, have finished one set of drugs and now on super strength Zantac twice a day for the next 2 months with another lot of iron tablets twice a day. Not sure if I should be singing along to Black Sabbath or telling Mr Downey Jr to move over, for I am Iron Man.

mr downey jr
those black sabbath fellows
Food with still have to be curry and spice free for the time being, and alcohol is kinda off the menu, but the odd one is permissible, looks like it will be Guinness could be making a comeback over Christmas, plus it's full of iron as well. All looks good at the moment, with a return to work looking possible in the new year. Shame, was getting used to doing my own thing every day, despite how skint I am.

off the menu
That concludes this update, thanks again to anyone who has expressed concern over my recent illness, normality will soon return, whatever that maybe as far as I am concerned anyway.

yummy, twice a day

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