Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Cardiacs Manchester Academy 21st november

Here we are again, it has been nearly 3 years since I was last able to witness this most amazing band, and tonight would reaffirm how good this band is. With us tonight is a Cardiacs virgin, so who knows what she is expecting. Supporting the Cardiacs is former Cardiac, Jon Poole, with his band The Damn Filthy Whores.

Ballsy rock n roll with a Cardiacsy twist, entertain all those who wish to stand, sit or swim before them. Banter with ’Bernard Manning’ and a brief love affair with a large beard are but tiny interludes in these precedings. Jon’s tenure as focal point come to an end, but entertaining he was and always will be.

Of course we the fish, are here for the big ugly shark, and this huge swimming muscle must flex and twist the night away. The bass drum pounds with constant poundings, an introduction to what is to follow, and what follows will be remembered till our synapses cease their firing. This grand spectacle beholds the swaying pond, while a historial selection of musical interludes with smatterings of current offerings are welcomed with open hearts and minds. Highlights include Tarred & Feathered, Breakfast Line, Dive and RES.

Tim is his usual self, a duality of personas, headmaster and child, while his brother is a stoic as usual, with the occasional bow to the pond in recognition of appreciation. Karvus the animated, is well, animated. The new non-dancing girls don’t dance but bang drums and sing with aplomb. Bob, when you can see him, wears headphones with style, and his style works the room.

So comes the end, a little earlier that the set-list had planned for, but, well it doesn’t really matter, does it, for what came before is more than what we expected. So say goodbye to those funsters, hope to see you soon, maybe on one of those digital plastic disc things, if youtube is anything to go by.

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