Saturday, 17 November 2007

Apes Fight Back Cellar Bar 17th November

Local bands for local people, in a local venue. Tonight its three bands for the price of none, as tonight there will be no charge to view what is going to take place, that is apart from maybe a section of frequencies that you are probably going to lose.

Band number one is Salacious, a four piece from Blackburn, who for a front man have a front woman, which for the rest of the band is a both an advantage and disadvantage, for no matter how good you are, you will go un-noticed, and no matter how bad you are you will still go un-noticed. All this being said what did they sound like, well, as my eyes where on the front woman, I cannot remember. Joking aside they were ok, kinda like Garbage, but not quite as edgy, some good tunes, but just a little bit samey.

Band number two, The Addiction, well you had to feel sorry for them. Apart from myself and they guy who came with me, I could count on one hand all the people who stayed around after Salacious to watch them. Very Muse-like in sound and structure, so much so they actually did a version of Hysteria, which was ok. Maybe the fact that they came from Wigan, and they are not known here in Blackburn, may have contributed to the lack of an audience, but hey, we all have to deal with those situations.

Band number three, Apes Fight Back, are the reason I dragged myself from my rather comfortable sofa. To brave such a shitty wet Saturday night, to have my senses assaulted by two crazed individuals, whose sound is like nothing before. Hardcore, thrash, punk, combined with slick showmanship produced a short set, but what a set, a thousand miles an hour, pounding animalistic drums combined with a Cliff Burton sounding bass, tick all the right boxes for me. Miss them at your peril.

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