Thursday, 8 November 2007

Barcelona - November 2007

My good friend Michelle had a couple of bank holidays at the beginning of November, and so I had booked a few days off work, got myself a cheap flight to Barcelona, and stocked up on a few tastes from home. That being british bacon, lancashire cheese, bisto gravy and lancashire tea bags.

An early start meant a taxi to the airport, no delays and a stress free flight. This accomplished, a short wait for my baggage to reappear from behind the magic curtain followed, and finally emerging to a sunny morning in Barcelona. Michelle was there to meet me, greetings and blighties goodies exchanged, and then it was off to explore parts of the city I had never seen before.

First on the list was to climb the rather steep hill overlooking the city, board a funicular and finally arrive at Tibidabo, an ancient church with accompanying fairground. The church itself is quite magnificent, and for a small surcharge you can climb or rather be elevatorised to its uppermost reaches and take it the most breathtaking views of the city. Today and for all of the time I was there, the sun shone continuously, nothing like what I left behind in England.

Next day was to take the dogs for a good long walk in the surrounding countryside, discovering parts of Barcelona that you wouldn’t find on many tourist guides. For the evenings entertainment, traditional Spanish cuisine. This comprised of Calcots (a large sweet spring onion) and barbequed snails in rosemary and garlic sauce.

Saturday Michelle had her Belly dancing class, so for an hour I wandered around the town, taking a few snapshots. After class we met up with some of her classmates and meandered the local market. This evening it would be Japanese, sushi, sake, squid and sangria. Hmmmmmm.

Sunday again we took the dogs out for a rather long walk, discovering new sights to visit again, rounding off the evening with a wonderful home cooked meal and many hours of Guitar Hero.

Monday we both had flights to catch, Michelle having to go to China for work, and me to come home, and so we did, and so here endeth my visit to Barcelona.

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