Friday, 9 November 2007

Frank Sidebottom Blakeys KGH 9th November

Frank Sidebottom was playing in Blackburn, so of course a visit had to be made, for you cannot beat a bit of Frank. Yes his act has not changed in all the years I have known of him, but who cares. Little Frank, silly songs, audience participation, raffles, dressing up in silly costumes all are familiar, yet utterly bizarre, just try to describe his act to someone who has never seen it and you would struggle, that or they will look at you as though you have just grown a secong head, a head that could rival Franks.

But who cares, the room was full of people quite willing to sing along with his silly songs, play along with his silly games and ultimately to have your picture taken with the man himself. And yes I did.

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