Saturday, 19 November 2011

Damned - Manchester Academy November 2011

Went to see the Damned at the Academy in Manchester, as they were celebrating their 35th anniversary. Marking the occasion by playing the first album Damned, Damned, Damned, in its entirety, and following that with The Black Album. How could I not go see that.

Obviously I drove over, having a car and all that, met up with Julie Windle, and Darren 'Mumpy' Hill, and headed forth. Julie knows the manager so was able to get in on the guest list, so that left me and Mumpy to fend for our selves. As you cannot smoke inside Mumpy went outside to have a quick one. Whilst waiting I could hear someone shouting my name, not sure who or where it was coming from I looked around, only to be face to face with Carole, my friend Sandra's younger sister. Bizarre or what, but she being a bit of a Damned fan, not really.

We had a quick chat as you do and got myself a good spot to enjoy the gig, and did I did.

A proper sing along commenced, with them buggering off after the first album was complete then to return for the second. What an event, the Black Album is probably one of my fave albums of all time, and to see it being performed was a dream come true. Even the wierd little intermission bits are performed, ending with the most amazing version of Curtain Call, light show and all.

Buggering off again they return to play 4 more songs from their impressive back catalogue and the night is over, but not yet........We had arranged to meet up outside the venue as I had agreed to give Julie and Mumpy a lift home, so outside we are, Mumpy is having a fag and I get a phone call, it's Julie.

She had okayed it for us to go into the VIP lounge and have a drink, so you cannot pass up and opportunity like that everyday so we do. After negotiating security we wander upstairs. There are a few people scattered around chatting, amongst them is Captain Sensible, obviously he is there he plays guitar in The Damned. So what else is there but to go up to him and say hello, and so I did. After saying hello I asked him what are his recollections from the 10th Anniversary gig in London, and his face dropped, he kinda recognises me and asks me how the hell we got to that house, so I recounted the events of the night to him, and during my retelling of what happened, you can see he remembers bits of it, then fills in some gaps that he remembers from his perspective. Very funny.....

All that is left is to get a quick piccy with him and he has to go, and so do we.

Driving home was quite the adventure, thick fog had descended and the junction I need to get off at had been closed, so a slight detour was needed, and no Julie if you are reading this, we didn't go to Wales.

Oh yes, the gig was recorded, so I got myself a copy, couldn't miss reliving this one.

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