Thursday, 29 November 2012


Woke this morning to find my wage slip had been delivered, this being the first one since qualifying for SSP ( Statutory Sick Pay), on opening I am to be rewarded with £100, that's with a little tax back. What am I meant to do with all this money, it doesn't even cover my weekly outgoings. Am I able to claim any other benefits whist off work, the simple answer is yes, but not for very much.

A couple of phone calls later and application forms sent for, my grand total of benefits I can claim for are council tax and maybe some interest on my mortgage. Those nice people at the working tax credit said no, the citizens advice people said no, it's no wonder people get angry at those who don't want to work, for those of us who do and need a helping hand when it is needed are politely told to FUCK OFF.

What can I do, I need to be off work to recover, but on the pittance given to me each week how can I afford to do it. I still have my bills to pay, have to buy food, it's a joke that isn't funny. With Christmas coming up, a few bargains are going to be sought out this year, try to do it on the cheap.

Anyway despite all that, I will not resort to watching Jeremy Kyle in the morning, no matter how desperate I get. Be grateful for what you have never earned, for if it is taken away, you may have to get off your arse and do something about it

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