Sunday, 16 December 2012

Articles From The Past - Part 3

Parallel Time And Travel

Stepping Through The Mirror

Imagine a world in which every single action had an infinite number of possibilities and outcomes, every single choice we make is being played out somewhere in the multiverse. This infinite possibility would go right down to the sub atomic level, in which every particle would have an infinite number of positions into which it can occupy. Therefore an infinite number of universes would be existing simultaneously, right here, right now.

Using this as a hypothesis, would it be feasible to travel to any of the infinite worlds the hypothesis would allow, assuming that is, we had the technology available to us. This would create a set of interesting paradox's, one of which being travelling through time, and how it would effect the timeline of your universe.

If you where to travel one hour into your own personal future, you would arrive to a world in which you did not exist for the last hour, that having assumed that had not returned to the exact point you left. Of course travelling through time you would also have to travel through space, as everything is in motion, the earth on its axis, the earth round the sun, and so on. But there would be no guarantee whether or not this future was part of your original timeline, as it could be possible for you to have entered a parallel timeline, you do exist in a universe of infinite possibilities. On travelling back to the exact moment at which you set out on your journey, would to return to your original departure point, if this is at all possible, or because you have created another set of universes, you could never return to a place in time you once existed. Hopefully travelling through time would neither correct nor distort your time line, but would you ever know.

Assuming this, the Grandfather paradox could be improbable. The grandfather paradox being a person travelling back in time to kill his grandfather before his father was conceived, would they be able to exist to do it. If a single timeline exists then this would be impossible, for if you prevent your father from being born, you could not exist and therefore not travel back in time to do the deed. With multiple possibilities being in effect, anything is possible, and is probably happening somewhere or some when. So would it be your grandfather you would be killing or one from a parallel universe, and if you managed it and still existed would you be able to return to your original timeline.

Along with travelling backwards and forwards in time and encountering strange paradox's, there could be a possibility to intentionally travel sideways and visit other parallel universes, some of which would be virtually indistinguishable from your own. Some could be so bizarre you could be of opposite gender, Hitler was victorious, the extinction of the dinosaurs did not occur and even the possibility that Elvis dodged the draft, gave up his music and became a time travelling operative of the secret service. How would you be able to predict where you would end up, would it be possible to select a parallel world to visit, if so what would you like to see.

So what we have now, put simply, for each possible universe there is a tree type structure emanating from every event, forming branches of possibility leading to other branches and so on. With parallel universes this tree structure would lead not just everywhere with layers of tree structures all stacked upon each other, but every when with every possibility thrown in for good measure.

A specific law of physics states that Matter cannot be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction. The universe being composed of matter, matter which is perfectly balanced to sustain itself. If someone was to travel to a parallel universe, how would it then effect the universe that the individual travelled to, and how much matter would be required to upset a universes balance, how would new matter interact with existing matter, would it be safe.

A possible outcome could be, at a quantum level, sub atomic particles vibrate at a specific frequency, this frequency would be different for each universe, so when matter arrived from an alternative universe some quantum phasing would arise. This phasing being the effect by which two objects vibrating at differing frequencies are brought together and would the two interact with each other. Would a third new frequency be the result, with harmony, or a total annihilation of the new and original particles of matter.

All this being said, if travel to the future, past or parallel universe is possible, would you sign on the dotted line and give it a go. I would, but where would I go.

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