Sunday, 16 December 2012

Articles From The Past - Part 4

The Improbability Bounce

Predicting The Improbable

It has come to light that the problem of disappearing and then reappearing objects such as pens, lighters, after falling to the ground, is due to a critical balance between the objects mass and the velocity at which it is travelling, this is now known as the improbability bounce.

As an object approaches the ground it gains velocity, momentum and potential energy. As the object strikes the ground some of the energy is transferred into sound, but if the object is approaching the optimum mass and velocity ratio, the sound we hear is not from the object hitting the ground, but the very sound of the fabric of space and time being opened. The object then falls through this opening, a further improbability occurs.

Two possible outcomes are available, firstly the object has disappeared forever, never to be seen again, and secondly the object reappears from out of the tear in the fabric of space time, but this is where it can get rather complicated and confusing. It does not follow that the object will exit in a predictable position relative to its entry, this is due to improbability and is more probable that the object in question will appear in the most unlikely place imaginable.

You may think this is ridiculous, but we have all experienced it, objects fall from a table, you hear the object bounce under the table, only to be found down the back of the sofa. Similar instances can be observed when working with tools, especially screwdrivers. You are part way through assembling something, put the screwdriver down for a moment, only to find it is back in your toolbox. Its strange and true.

Observations into this phenomenon cannot be made, for it confounds predictability, just try dropping a small screw on the floor, and watch while it falls, it will hit the ground and just roll away. It will NOT dissapear no matter how many time you attempt this. The improbability bounce is exactly what it is, improbable and unpredictable, you never know when it will happen, but when it does, just look in the most improbable locations, and you just might find it. Good luck.

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